Just a small notice this time, I am a bit late, however the first Beta release of Fedora Core 9 was released!

Although I’ve already mentioned which features appeal the most to me in Fedora Core 9, I hadn’t noticed the changes being made to Anaconda. Frequent readers of this blog remember my initial problems with Anaconda, so I’m please to see some progress going on.

One of the most interesting features, to me, is the ability to resize ext2, ex3 and NTFS (!) partitions. The latter being the most interesting for people installing Fedora Core 9 alongside Windows (which I don’t ;-)).

Be sure to grab it and report any problems you find!

Update: Removed the core part, core and extras repositories were merged ever since Fedora 7. I hadn’t realized the effect that this had on the name yet.. *sigh*

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